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Our Austin Realtors Will Help

Through years of training and experience, Dochen Realtors is able to offer luxury home buyers and sellers a level of expertise, uncompromising service, and sophistication in purchasing and selling premier properties. Our innovative approach to marketing strategies is designed to provide you with maximum exposure in the market. Carol Dochen is a proud member of the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, and through this network of top-producing Realtors® is able to provide an unparalleled level of service.

Moving to Austin

As you plan your move to Austin please know that in addition to helping you find a wonderful home, we can assist you with settling in to your new community. If this means you want to volunteer, we can help provide names of organizations in which you might want to get involved. Need a bridge/poker/mahjongg game? We will point you in the right direction. Need help with resources and contractors for improving and repairing your home—we’re there. We can connect you to the medical community, provide educational information, steer you to the car registration/driver’s license bureaus, send you information on summer camps, and more.

No problem is too large or too small for us to help you solve. Call us—we are here!

Moving from Austin

Need a Realtor® in your new city? We can provide you with the names and contact information of the finest Realtors® throughout the country. We can do this for you because of our affiliations with National real estate networks. Let us know where you are moving and we will make the connection for you!

I live in Austin and need help with something

Even if you know what “Keeping Austin Weird” means, you might still have a question we can help you answer. Need a house painter or a plumber referral? Our “Black Book” is full of contacts for almost every service you might need. Want to pass along your favorite contractor’s name? We would love to hear from you.

Here are some examples of how we have helped our clients:

“Carol, my husband was trying to install the ceiling fan himself. Things didn’t go as planned-help”
Michelle J.

We were able to connect Michelle with a broad selection of licensed electricians. In just a few minutes we solved her problem.

“Simone, help me, I am so stressed out with the college entrance process for my son—where do I begin?” Mark S.

First we empathized and then provided a list of college counseling services and  a few months later Mark’s son was receiving acceptance letters from colleges. Our services stop there, however, as we don’t pay tuition bills!

No problem is too large or too small for us to help you solve. Call us, we are here to help!

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