Summer Energy Saving Tips

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Summer’s just around the corner, and so is the infamous Texas heat!  Here are a few tips to save energy, and a few dollars as well!

1.  Fans can make temperatures around you feel up to 4 degrees cooler.
2.  Set your thermostat at 78 degrees or higher when your home is unoccupied.
3.  Keep debris, high grass and other obstructions away from your air conditioner’s condenser so airflow to the unit is not blocked.
4.  Clean your A/C condenser/evaporator coils at the beginning of the season.
5.  Clean or replace filters monthly.
6.  Caulk or weather-strip around your windows and doors.
7.  Shade your outdoor A/C unit.
8.  Plant trees to shade your south and west facing windows.

summer heat shown on thermometer with 100 degrees Fahrenheit and 38 degrees Celsius. Sunlight breaking through cumulus clouds on blue sky in background. Photo taken with dslr camera, flash used.

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